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There may be a few reasons to be self-conscious about how your smile looks, such as congenital conditions or problems created by injury, trauma, and lifestyle. Cosmetic dentistry at Newton Centre Dental includes many procedures to reshape, straighten, and whiten your teeth so you have a more attractive smile. A few of the most frequently used procedures are veneers, teeth whitening, bonding and contouring, plus restorations (bridges and crowns). At your initial consultation in our office in Newton, MA, our skilled dental team will help you decide on a personalized plan to reveal a confident smile.

Best Candidates

Cosmetic procedures may help if you would like to improve or enhance your smile. Cosmetic treatments may address issues, such as discoloration of the teeth, broken or missing teeth, and a gummy smile. Usually, two or more cosmetic procedures may be done together to give you more dramatic results. When needed, dental restorations, like bridges and crowns, can also be included with your cosmetic dentistry plan to further improve your smile. Before you have any cosmetic treatments, your mouth needs to be in good condition to prevent exacerbating or causing issues, like tooth sensitivity or gum disease.

What to Expect

In your consult, we will examine the state of your gums and teeth to decide if your mouth is strong enough for cosmetic procedures. Next, we will collaborate with you to create your unique treatment plan that focuses on your aesthetic goals. As soon as your plan is made, we will discuss what will happen and schedule your treatments. Certain cosmetic procedures, such as bonding and contouring or teeth whitening, can typically be done in a single appointment. Other treatments, such as teeth straightening, veneers, or restorations, usually take several appointments.

Dr Lily Lee does excellent work. She is super attentive to patient's comfort, checking along the way. She keeps patient's informed of what she's doing without too much information. She works quickly and efficiently with her assistant.

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Dr Parent and the staff are amazing!

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Jenny was amazing! 🤩

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THE BEST DENTIST. Hands down. Dr.Parent/JENNY. Is the BEST. Just The whole staff/office!! TOP NOTCH. I wouldn’t even think of going anywhere else in the boston area. For any type of dental work/cleaning/whitening.. whatever it may be. So that being said. If your in or from the boston area. Go see them. Again. THE BEST. Sincerely, K.O.

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After your treatments, we will provide home care instructions that will help with your recovery. It's also best that you have a regular dental regimen that includes daily flossing and brushing so your teeth stay healthy and clean. Bi-annual trips to Newton Centre Dental for professional cleanings and exams also help maintain your attractive, new smile.

Insurance Coverage

Your cost for cosmetic dentistry treatments will vary, depending on what you want done. For the most part, cosmetic treatments are not included under dental insurance; however, we can contact your insurance company to determine if anything may be partially covered and determine your personal expenses before you decide on any procedures. At your consult, we can tell you about which payment methods we accept and where to get more information about medical financing.

Cosmetic Dentistry

When you want to feel confident about the appearance of your smile, cosmetic dentistry at Newton Centre Dental can be great for you. With multiple procedure choices, our dental team will personalize your treatment so you get a healthy, beautiful smile. Contact our office in Newton, MA to find out more about cosmetic dentistry treatments and to schedule your appointment.

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